Specialists in NDE Engineering​​​​​​​ and Inspection

High quality performed testing and inspection.

Accredited laboratory

Our methods and results are continuously monitored by SWEDAC. Therefore, you can be sure that our high demands on quality characterize an accredited laboratory.
Digital and analog documentation is stored for at least 10 years under confidentiality.

Testing specialists

The employees who plan and perform all types of non-destructive testing are professionals in their fields. All assignments are performed in an accurate and skillful manner.

Everything in one company

We think it's a waste of your time to turn to several different companies for help. Therefore, we're here to help with everything related to testing and quality issues.

We are Nordic NDT

Nordic NDT executes all of the main methods within the NDT area to define locate and characterize welding and material conditions and flaws. Testing is usually performed with X-ray, MPI inspection, DPI inspection, Ultrasonic testing, Phased Array and Visual inspection..​

Whatever you need, we're here to help
Sometimes it's difficult to know exactly what type of testing and quality assurance you need.

​​​​​​​Get in touch with us and we will help you!