Professional 3rd party inspectors, NDE Engineering​​​​​​​ and inspections for all industries  

As an accredited laboratory, we prioritize high quality and accuracy in everything we do.
Turn to us for help with everything related to quality issues and non destructive testing.
​​​​​​​We always aiming to solve all your problems!

Quality and accuracy in everything we do

By contacting us, you are guaranteed that testing and quality assurance takes place in accordance with current standards, regulations or specific design requirements.

It's important to us that all assignments are performed with the expertise and skill we want to be associated with.

In addition to high quality, we also attach great importance to improve our business methods and developing our way of performance.
Our technicians receive continuous training to maintain and raise the level of competence.
​​​​​​​All our measuring and test equipment is checked and calibrated.

All documentation is stored for at least ten years under confidentiality.

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Why you should choose us
Whether you need NDT, quality assurance or inspections, we are the right company. We always provide quality
to help and ensure your current or future product/facility is both safe and performs on its optimal level.

Ever since the company was established in 1996, we have prioritized a high level of service with
​​​​​​​rapid decisions.
​​​​​​​It is important that you can trust that we are the company you turn to for help.

Quality policy

Our quality system and working methods must be efficient and give us the opportunity to exceed customers' expectations. We work with qualified staff which are constantly trained to increase our competence. In all assignments performed, we must work actively to ensure our impartiality.
​​​​​​​Always follow good professional practice to meet the requirements in a consistent manner.
We must work in a structured way that allows us to achieve our goals and constantly improve.
In addition, we must engage everyone in the staff to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Contact Us

Jan Sundström

VD/CEO/NDE Level III/ Senior Inspector NDE Engineering​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Alexander Sundström

NDE Level III/Senior Inspector NDE Engineering​​​​​​​
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Anders Jansson

Senior Inspector NDE Engineering​​​​​​​
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